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MTC Week 4 2013-12-3

 Tuesday! We had a devotional by Elder John Teh! IT was really good! He talked about getting his mission call and all the experiences that go with it. Then after that we had an extra choir practice to get ready for Thanksgiving. 

Wednesday! We had our teacher Brother Dunn for both 3 hour blocks. That was crazy! We talked about the importance of church and all that good stuff! It was a fantastic Lesson! After dinner we got a little bored so we started playing with the markers and created a thing called the "Marker Olympics" It is soooo fun! We have 4 different events. The first is marker drop. You drop the marker from desk or knee height and try to get it to stand up on it's end! The second event is marker toss. You sit like 6 feet away from the white board and try and get the marker to stay in the little rack at the bottom that holds the markers and erasers. The third event is Marker bowling. We put up two markers on opposite sides of the hallway. Then roll a ball and try to knock them down. Then our last event was dropping a marker from the top floor to the bottom floor in between the Handrails! It's really fun! We also have chair balancing. Where you have to balance on the chair. It's not really a part of marker Olympics though.

Thursday! Thanksgiving was awesome! We had choir practice at 815 and we sang an arrangement of Hope of Israel. Our choir director Brother Egett is so awesome! I love going to choir just to hear his jokes and such! He reminds me of a mix of Brother Arnett and Brother Goodman! What a great combo. Then the devotional was at 930! Russell M. Nelson was the guest speaker! He gave a great talk about missionary work and the first things you should do. Talk to the bishop and ward mission leader. Then after the devotional we went and did service! The MTC as a whole made around 350,000 dry soup bags! It was such a fun time! Then we had a little fireside thing that night and then watched "Ephraim's Rescue" It was a good movie! I know this is late but i'm thankful for all my family and friends! You guys are so awesome! I'm also thankful for missionary work! The MTC is awesome!

Friday We had a substitute teacher because all of our teachers were out of town. So the sub was a Norwegian teacher and we were all so confused because we didn't understand what he was saying at first. The languages are almost the same but there are a few differences. He didn't really have a lesson planned because of some miscommunication so we ended up just street contacting each other! It was fun! That night we gave everyone in our zone spirit animals- It was awesome! I memorized D+C 10:5 in Swedish! I love that scripture!

Nothing happened on Saturday really! We just had class and the regular stuff.

Sunday was awesome! We had a mission conference for 2 hours! The whole MTC presidency gave great talks! Then we had testimony meeting! That was great! That night we had a devotional by Richard I Heaton. He gave a great talk about Hastening the Work of Salvation.

Then on Monday we went to the Doctors because my companion hasn't been sleeping well! So we got to walk down to the Student Health Center to get some medicine! It was a great little adventure! Then we hung out with a sister from Sweden! We sang some Swedish hymns with here! It was awesome! 

This week was awesome! Only 2 weeks left here! We get our travel plans on Friday! So stoked! I can't wait! Love all you guys! Here are some pictures! 
 Picture from Facebook - Couple Missionary friends of Shirley Mortenson
snapped this pic & posted on Facebook - Shirley recognized Elder Brown!
 MTC District at the Temple
Current MTC Weather Dec 3, finally Snow

MTC Week 3 2013-11-26

Where to start....
Last Tuesday I guess! So we went to the Temple which was awesome! Then we had dinner and went to choir and our devotional! It was such a good devotional! It was by Elder Aidukatis and his wife! I think that's how you spell it! It was all about Choosing now what kind of person you want to be! 
Then Wednesday we had gym at 635! That is sooooo flipping early! Holy crap that is like rolling out of bed putting my shoes on and running to the gym because it's so cold in the morning! Then we prepared for our investigator Javaad! It's really just our teacher Brother Jorgensen! He is a really cool guy! 
Then thursday we had Gym at 730!! So that wasn't quite as bad as 630! Then after breakfast we taught our lesson! It was really good! I feel like I am doing so much better with the language! It's starting to come naturally! The sentence structure is kinda weird sometimes though! The don't use "ing" so it's really hard to get used to that! Swedish also likes to invert the independent clauses so that the verb will come first! It's very interesting! Back to our lesson! We committed him to read the Book of Mormon, Pray about our message, and be baptized when he knows that it's true. He said yes! IT was really awesome! We don't get to teach him for like another week though because of thanksgiving!
Friday was another normal day! We had a lesson on charity like first thing in the morning! It was a great reminder! I know there is quite a few things I need to work on! Then during our study time I just let my mind wander a little bit! It was a good stress free few minutes! I realized how close I have come to the 12 elders in my district! It's almost INSANE! I honestly feel like I have known them forever! I can't wait to hang out with them after the mission and stuff! That will be so cool! 
Then I forgot to write in my journal for Saturday so i don't really have much to share?!?! I just remember that we taught a lesson to our second investigator Mihall or something like that! I'm not really sure how you spell his name! it's just our teacher brother dunn though! IT was an awesome lesson! Until, we accidently had him read the part of Joseph Smiths first vision where it says that a dark power gripped him. That was soooo awkward! I felt so dumb for letting him read that! Oh well Life goes on! 
Sunday was good! It's like a half p-day because it's pretty chill and relaxing! The only bad part is we have to spend most of the day in our classroom! The good part is we get to eat first! So the food is actually warm! It's so nice to have warm food! Every other day we eat last! so all the food is either gone or cold! it's a rough life! JK it's not that bad! We did have a devotional by Stephen B,.Allen! He is the missionary director or something! He was really cool! HE had peolpe stand up and stuff! The funniest was when he said "stand up if you have been gettting too much sleep" only like 5 kids stood up! then he said "sit down No one likes you" Every one started laughing so hard! He then continued on about loving your companion! It was a wonderful talk! Later that night we had a "departure devotional" It's in our residency and it's where the guys who are leaving the next gather all of our zone into their room and then they share their testimonys and we sing some songs! They are really awesome! it's a great tradition! I can't believe that in 3 weeks that will be me! That is like the most unreal feeling ever! I'm excited yet super nervous at the same time!
Well that's all I really have to say! Thank you to everyone for the emails! it's so awesome to get here on p-days and have emails from my friends! Love you guys!

Jag vett att Gud är vår Himmelske Fader och vi är hans barn. Jag vet att Joseph Smith är en sann profet. Jag är tacksam för Jesus Kristus och hans försoning. Jag sager detta i Jesu Kristi namn, amen

That was my short little testimony in Swedish! It's coming slowly but surely!

Älskade Äldste Brown

MTC Week 2 2013-11-19

It was a pretty awesome week!
TUESDAY - After emailing last week we went to the temple and for about an hour or so! It was an awesome experience! While we were outside waiting some random lady asked to take my picture with my companion! Then she sent it to my mom!  Which I'm sure she loved! (Yes, his mom really did - Tender Mercy..)Turns out the lady actually worked in the MTC cafeteria! Then afterwards we went to dinner and then headed off to choir! We practiced "Redeemer of Israel" for the L. Tom Perry fireside! Which was really good because I have been struggling with my companion a lot! Things have gotten so much better! So far I have seen Ryker Bingham, Curt Done, Dallin Carroll, Jonah Skousen, Brandon Gilman and Brooke Golightly! It's nice to have some friends here! Curt is actually in the same building as me so I see him all the time!

Wednesday - Just a pretty normal day! We taught our investigator Peder and didn't really do anything else!
Thursday - I got a package from home! that was a great surprise! Getting letters and packages is the best thing ever! MY address is on my Facebook so you know... (hint hint) Then we had another good teaching appointment with peder!
Friday - We had gym time in the morning! I played basketball! IT was really fun! I haven't played in forever so it was a nice change! Then we found out that we are no longer teaching our investigator because he is now our teacher Brother Bloomfield! He is really awesome and it was great getting feedback of how we were teaching! Then we found out we are getting two new investigators that we will only teach once a week! That is such a nice change!
Saturday - During the morning when we were studying it started to SNOW! The sad thing is that none of it stuck around! it just all like melted and it was really wet outside! In class we talked about stress and some of the warning signs of too much stress! Then this past week or so my district has been watching a lot of Mormon Messages when we finish our planning early. It has been a really awesome experience to hear the words of the prophets and hears such uplifting words and messages almost everyday. We just watched one given by President Monson. It is called "Dare to Stand Alone" He gives an account of his time in the Navy. He tells a story about Sunday when all the other people were going to church. They called the Catholics, Jewish, and Protestants. He thought he was the only one left standing because he was Mormon. He said "he felt completely alone." Then he eventually realized that there were a few other members standing behind him. Then he said "We are never alone if we stand with Christ" I really liked that thought and it kinda made me think of that story about Christ on the beach. The one where it says like he was looking back and there was only one set of footprints part of the way and the man asked why did you leave me? Then Christ replies I didn't leave you I carried you.

Sunday - Sundays are so nice and relaxing! We go to priesthood meeting in the morning! Then we study for a bit! Then after that we go to lunch and then on to sacrament! I usually get so tired in sacrament cause we have just eaten and there is really comfortable chairs! Then we go and walk the Temple Grounds from 3 - 4pm. So if you ever happen to be in Provo on a Sunday. And you happen to be at the temple at 3-4 we might run into each other! Then after that we headed to dinner and then on to choir practice. The Sunday night devotional was next! Sister Mary Ellen Edmunds was the speaker she did a really awesome job! "When you do the best you can you will be blessed" and "Be of good cheer! It's a commandment not a suggestion" She was a really funny speaker and had a great talk! Then after that we went and watched the movie Legacy! It was really awesome!

Monday - Nothing really special! We just went to class and stuff like that! Then we have personal exercise so our p-day starts kinda early! It is really awesome! Here we are now!

That was my week! I miss and love you all! Tell me how things are going! I love getting emails and letters! It is a very awesome feeling!
Elder Brown & Elder Curt Done
MTC Roommates- Stoetzling, Brown, Rasmussen, Smith
E. Rasmussen is from Orem, lives only about 10 minutes away from MTC

Provo MTC Week 1 2013-11-12

That is Hello in Swedish! Oh man this week has been crazy! After the airport I went to lunch with my cousin and Aunt at Cheesecake factory! IT was delicious! Then we went to the MTC! I said good by and then was whisked away 30 seconds later. They took me to get my books, room, and name tags. Then after I dropped my stuff off in my room we went to class! I took an assessment and then we started class! They started talking Swedish right away! it was so crazy! I felt so lost! We met our companions and everyone else in our little district! There is 12 people in my Swedish group! for those of you who have been to the MTC you know how crowded 12 desks in one of those little rooms is! its terrible.
Then we went to a devotional type thing where they welcomed all the missionaries. Then right after that we went to have dinner! HOLY CRAP the cafeteria is crazy! Then we went back to class and studied some more! We met our teachers Brother Jorgensen, Bush, and Dunn. THey are all really awesome!
The 3rd day we taught out first lesson in Swedish to our investigator Peder! it was really stressful at first but then after that it hasn't been so bad! we taught him two other times so far and tomorrow we teach him again! Its really crazy to teach in Swedish! I feel like I would be able to teach a good lesson in English but then trying to do it in Swedish is kinda hard. The hardest part at first is that I wasnt really able to answer many questions! I think that is really important in a lesson! It's getting better though!
On Sunday we had priesthood and then sacrament! it was a really good experience! Every Sunday we have to prepare a 3-5 minute talk because they call on 2 random people to share their talk! IT was about the Holy Ghost! I found a really cool passage in Preach my gospel. It is a quote by Pres. Monson and it says something to the effects that the universal languages of missionaries is the Spirit! That gave me so much comfort!
My branch here consists of all the Scandinavian countries and all the missionaries. Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, and a couple others. A group of Swedish missionaries and Norwegian missionaries left yesterday! so it was sad to see them go! In my Swedish group there are 2 elders from Finland, one from Alaska, 2 or 3 from Utah, one from Idaho, a couple from California, one from Texas, and a couple from AZ. The Finnish language is sorta similar to Swedish and so those 2 elders are kinda ahead but not that much! So I feel kinda behind and I start getting all depressed! 
My companion is Elder Stoetzling. HE is cool and is from California! It is really hard getting used to being with someone 24/7 oh my gosh hahahahha. The only problem i have is that he is really slow in the morning. It's been really hard for me because I want to be on time as much as possible. The thing is I know this is the Lords way of teaching me patience and Love both of which i need.
Tonight is our Tuesday night devotional. L. Tom Perry is coming! I'm so excited for that. My companion and roomies are all singing in the choir. (mom and dad i know that will make you happy) I'm excited for that.
Well right now my pictures aren't working so I'm gonna try and figure that out. Well I love you guys and miss you guys! Life is good here! See you soon!
LOVE Elder Brown!
p.s. sorry for all the mistakes this keyboard and mouse really suck

Sister Na Tosha Carling from Mesa (& comp) Elder Brown & Elder Stoetzling 
Sis Carling used to live across the street from us for years.She is on her way to Houston Texas.
 With Finnish Elder Noso
Sweet Shot of Provo Temple
Actual Pday weather - starting to get a little colder

November 9, 2013 - First Email from the Provo MTC

My Preparation day  (Pday) is on Tuesday but they gave us a few minutes to be able to email home and say that we made it safe.  It is such a drastic change coming here and immediately being taught and teaching. I have a cool comp except for his slow pace. We have already taught our investigator twice. That is quite an experience. I love you and miss you. I sent a letter but I didn't put it in the mail till today so I'm sure you won't get it before my Pday. The only things I can think of that i need is more toothpaste. As well as some snacks and quite a few more stamps would be good too. I will think of anything else i need if you can send me a package and i will let you know on Tuesday. I'm not sure what time we will be on. Most likely during our laundry time or something like that, the morning! LOVE YOU! 

Love Elder Brown.

Brennan's Aunt Sally Brown & cousin Alissa picked him up from the airport in SLC on November 6th, took him to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and then delivered him to the MTC. We are so grateful for them providing this service for our family!  Got to talk to him as they were driving to lunch and just as they were dropping him off.