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MTC Week 3 2013-11-26

Where to start....
Last Tuesday I guess! So we went to the Temple which was awesome! Then we had dinner and went to choir and our devotional! It was such a good devotional! It was by Elder Aidukatis and his wife! I think that's how you spell it! It was all about Choosing now what kind of person you want to be! 
Then Wednesday we had gym at 635! That is sooooo flipping early! Holy crap that is like rolling out of bed putting my shoes on and running to the gym because it's so cold in the morning! Then we prepared for our investigator Javaad! It's really just our teacher Brother Jorgensen! He is a really cool guy! 
Then thursday we had Gym at 730!! So that wasn't quite as bad as 630! Then after breakfast we taught our lesson! It was really good! I feel like I am doing so much better with the language! It's starting to come naturally! The sentence structure is kinda weird sometimes though! The don't use "ing" so it's really hard to get used to that! Swedish also likes to invert the independent clauses so that the verb will come first! It's very interesting! Back to our lesson! We committed him to read the Book of Mormon, Pray about our message, and be baptized when he knows that it's true. He said yes! IT was really awesome! We don't get to teach him for like another week though because of thanksgiving!
Friday was another normal day! We had a lesson on charity like first thing in the morning! It was a great reminder! I know there is quite a few things I need to work on! Then during our study time I just let my mind wander a little bit! It was a good stress free few minutes! I realized how close I have come to the 12 elders in my district! It's almost INSANE! I honestly feel like I have known them forever! I can't wait to hang out with them after the mission and stuff! That will be so cool! 
Then I forgot to write in my journal for Saturday so i don't really have much to share?!?! I just remember that we taught a lesson to our second investigator Mihall or something like that! I'm not really sure how you spell his name! it's just our teacher brother dunn though! IT was an awesome lesson! Until, we accidently had him read the part of Joseph Smiths first vision where it says that a dark power gripped him. That was soooo awkward! I felt so dumb for letting him read that! Oh well Life goes on! 
Sunday was good! It's like a half p-day because it's pretty chill and relaxing! The only bad part is we have to spend most of the day in our classroom! The good part is we get to eat first! So the food is actually warm! It's so nice to have warm food! Every other day we eat last! so all the food is either gone or cold! it's a rough life! JK it's not that bad! We did have a devotional by Stephen B,.Allen! He is the missionary director or something! He was really cool! HE had peolpe stand up and stuff! The funniest was when he said "stand up if you have been gettting too much sleep" only like 5 kids stood up! then he said "sit down No one likes you" Every one started laughing so hard! He then continued on about loving your companion! It was a wonderful talk! Later that night we had a "departure devotional" It's in our residency and it's where the guys who are leaving the next gather all of our zone into their room and then they share their testimonys and we sing some songs! They are really awesome! it's a great tradition! I can't believe that in 3 weeks that will be me! That is like the most unreal feeling ever! I'm excited yet super nervous at the same time!
Well that's all I really have to say! Thank you to everyone for the emails! it's so awesome to get here on p-days and have emails from my friends! Love you guys!

Jag vett att Gud är vår Himmelske Fader och vi är hans barn. Jag vet att Joseph Smith är en sann profet. Jag är tacksam för Jesus Kristus och hans försoning. Jag sager detta i Jesu Kristi namn, amen

That was my short little testimony in Swedish! It's coming slowly but surely!

Älskade Äldste Brown

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