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Provo MTC Week 1 2013-11-12

That is Hello in Swedish! Oh man this week has been crazy! After the airport I went to lunch with my cousin and Aunt at Cheesecake factory! IT was delicious! Then we went to the MTC! I said good by and then was whisked away 30 seconds later. They took me to get my books, room, and name tags. Then after I dropped my stuff off in my room we went to class! I took an assessment and then we started class! They started talking Swedish right away! it was so crazy! I felt so lost! We met our companions and everyone else in our little district! There is 12 people in my Swedish group! for those of you who have been to the MTC you know how crowded 12 desks in one of those little rooms is! its terrible.
Then we went to a devotional type thing where they welcomed all the missionaries. Then right after that we went to have dinner! HOLY CRAP the cafeteria is crazy! Then we went back to class and studied some more! We met our teachers Brother Jorgensen, Bush, and Dunn. THey are all really awesome!
The 3rd day we taught out first lesson in Swedish to our investigator Peder! it was really stressful at first but then after that it hasn't been so bad! we taught him two other times so far and tomorrow we teach him again! Its really crazy to teach in Swedish! I feel like I would be able to teach a good lesson in English but then trying to do it in Swedish is kinda hard. The hardest part at first is that I wasnt really able to answer many questions! I think that is really important in a lesson! It's getting better though!
On Sunday we had priesthood and then sacrament! it was a really good experience! Every Sunday we have to prepare a 3-5 minute talk because they call on 2 random people to share their talk! IT was about the Holy Ghost! I found a really cool passage in Preach my gospel. It is a quote by Pres. Monson and it says something to the effects that the universal languages of missionaries is the Spirit! That gave me so much comfort!
My branch here consists of all the Scandinavian countries and all the missionaries. Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, and a couple others. A group of Swedish missionaries and Norwegian missionaries left yesterday! so it was sad to see them go! In my Swedish group there are 2 elders from Finland, one from Alaska, 2 or 3 from Utah, one from Idaho, a couple from California, one from Texas, and a couple from AZ. The Finnish language is sorta similar to Swedish and so those 2 elders are kinda ahead but not that much! So I feel kinda behind and I start getting all depressed! 
My companion is Elder Stoetzling. HE is cool and is from California! It is really hard getting used to being with someone 24/7 oh my gosh hahahahha. The only problem i have is that he is really slow in the morning. It's been really hard for me because I want to be on time as much as possible. The thing is I know this is the Lords way of teaching me patience and Love both of which i need.
Tonight is our Tuesday night devotional. L. Tom Perry is coming! I'm so excited for that. My companion and roomies are all singing in the choir. (mom and dad i know that will make you happy) I'm excited for that.
Well right now my pictures aren't working so I'm gonna try and figure that out. Well I love you guys and miss you guys! Life is good here! See you soon!
LOVE Elder Brown!
p.s. sorry for all the mistakes this keyboard and mouse really suck

Sister Na Tosha Carling from Mesa (& comp) Elder Brown & Elder Stoetzling 
Sis Carling used to live across the street from us for years.She is on her way to Houston Texas.
 With Finnish Elder Noso
Sweet Shot of Provo Temple
Actual Pday weather - starting to get a little colder

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