Friday, January 31, 2014

November 9, 2013 - First Email from the Provo MTC

My Preparation day  (Pday) is on Tuesday but they gave us a few minutes to be able to email home and say that we made it safe.  It is such a drastic change coming here and immediately being taught and teaching. I have a cool comp except for his slow pace. We have already taught our investigator twice. That is quite an experience. I love you and miss you. I sent a letter but I didn't put it in the mail till today so I'm sure you won't get it before my Pday. The only things I can think of that i need is more toothpaste. As well as some snacks and quite a few more stamps would be good too. I will think of anything else i need if you can send me a package and i will let you know on Tuesday. I'm not sure what time we will be on. Most likely during our laundry time or something like that, the morning! LOVE YOU! 

Love Elder Brown.

Brennan's Aunt Sally Brown & cousin Alissa picked him up from the airport in SLC on November 6th, took him to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and then delivered him to the MTC. We are so grateful for them providing this service for our family!  Got to talk to him as they were driving to lunch and just as they were dropping him off.

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