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MTC Week 4 2013-12-3

 Tuesday! We had a devotional by Elder John Teh! IT was really good! He talked about getting his mission call and all the experiences that go with it. Then after that we had an extra choir practice to get ready for Thanksgiving. 

Wednesday! We had our teacher Brother Dunn for both 3 hour blocks. That was crazy! We talked about the importance of church and all that good stuff! It was a fantastic Lesson! After dinner we got a little bored so we started playing with the markers and created a thing called the "Marker Olympics" It is soooo fun! We have 4 different events. The first is marker drop. You drop the marker from desk or knee height and try to get it to stand up on it's end! The second event is marker toss. You sit like 6 feet away from the white board and try and get the marker to stay in the little rack at the bottom that holds the markers and erasers. The third event is Marker bowling. We put up two markers on opposite sides of the hallway. Then roll a ball and try to knock them down. Then our last event was dropping a marker from the top floor to the bottom floor in between the Handrails! It's really fun! We also have chair balancing. Where you have to balance on the chair. It's not really a part of marker Olympics though.

Thursday! Thanksgiving was awesome! We had choir practice at 815 and we sang an arrangement of Hope of Israel. Our choir director Brother Egett is so awesome! I love going to choir just to hear his jokes and such! He reminds me of a mix of Brother Arnett and Brother Goodman! What a great combo. Then the devotional was at 930! Russell M. Nelson was the guest speaker! He gave a great talk about missionary work and the first things you should do. Talk to the bishop and ward mission leader. Then after the devotional we went and did service! The MTC as a whole made around 350,000 dry soup bags! It was such a fun time! Then we had a little fireside thing that night and then watched "Ephraim's Rescue" It was a good movie! I know this is late but i'm thankful for all my family and friends! You guys are so awesome! I'm also thankful for missionary work! The MTC is awesome!

Friday We had a substitute teacher because all of our teachers were out of town. So the sub was a Norwegian teacher and we were all so confused because we didn't understand what he was saying at first. The languages are almost the same but there are a few differences. He didn't really have a lesson planned because of some miscommunication so we ended up just street contacting each other! It was fun! That night we gave everyone in our zone spirit animals- It was awesome! I memorized D+C 10:5 in Swedish! I love that scripture!

Nothing happened on Saturday really! We just had class and the regular stuff.

Sunday was awesome! We had a mission conference for 2 hours! The whole MTC presidency gave great talks! Then we had testimony meeting! That was great! That night we had a devotional by Richard I Heaton. He gave a great talk about Hastening the Work of Salvation.

Then on Monday we went to the Doctors because my companion hasn't been sleeping well! So we got to walk down to the Student Health Center to get some medicine! It was a great little adventure! Then we hung out with a sister from Sweden! We sang some Swedish hymns with here! It was awesome! 

This week was awesome! Only 2 weeks left here! We get our travel plans on Friday! So stoked! I can't wait! Love all you guys! Here are some pictures! 
 Picture from Facebook - Couple Missionary friends of Shirley Mortenson
snapped this pic & posted on Facebook - Shirley recognized Elder Brown!
 MTC District at the Temple
Current MTC Weather Dec 3, finally Snow

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