Friday, January 31, 2014

MTC Week 2 2013-11-19

It was a pretty awesome week!
TUESDAY - After emailing last week we went to the temple and for about an hour or so! It was an awesome experience! While we were outside waiting some random lady asked to take my picture with my companion! Then she sent it to my mom!  Which I'm sure she loved! (Yes, his mom really did - Tender Mercy..)Turns out the lady actually worked in the MTC cafeteria! Then afterwards we went to dinner and then headed off to choir! We practiced "Redeemer of Israel" for the L. Tom Perry fireside! Which was really good because I have been struggling with my companion a lot! Things have gotten so much better! So far I have seen Ryker Bingham, Curt Done, Dallin Carroll, Jonah Skousen, Brandon Gilman and Brooke Golightly! It's nice to have some friends here! Curt is actually in the same building as me so I see him all the time!

Wednesday - Just a pretty normal day! We taught our investigator Peder and didn't really do anything else!
Thursday - I got a package from home! that was a great surprise! Getting letters and packages is the best thing ever! MY address is on my Facebook so you know... (hint hint) Then we had another good teaching appointment with peder!
Friday - We had gym time in the morning! I played basketball! IT was really fun! I haven't played in forever so it was a nice change! Then we found out that we are no longer teaching our investigator because he is now our teacher Brother Bloomfield! He is really awesome and it was great getting feedback of how we were teaching! Then we found out we are getting two new investigators that we will only teach once a week! That is such a nice change!
Saturday - During the morning when we were studying it started to SNOW! The sad thing is that none of it stuck around! it just all like melted and it was really wet outside! In class we talked about stress and some of the warning signs of too much stress! Then this past week or so my district has been watching a lot of Mormon Messages when we finish our planning early. It has been a really awesome experience to hear the words of the prophets and hears such uplifting words and messages almost everyday. We just watched one given by President Monson. It is called "Dare to Stand Alone" He gives an account of his time in the Navy. He tells a story about Sunday when all the other people were going to church. They called the Catholics, Jewish, and Protestants. He thought he was the only one left standing because he was Mormon. He said "he felt completely alone." Then he eventually realized that there were a few other members standing behind him. Then he said "We are never alone if we stand with Christ" I really liked that thought and it kinda made me think of that story about Christ on the beach. The one where it says like he was looking back and there was only one set of footprints part of the way and the man asked why did you leave me? Then Christ replies I didn't leave you I carried you.

Sunday - Sundays are so nice and relaxing! We go to priesthood meeting in the morning! Then we study for a bit! Then after that we go to lunch and then on to sacrament! I usually get so tired in sacrament cause we have just eaten and there is really comfortable chairs! Then we go and walk the Temple Grounds from 3 - 4pm. So if you ever happen to be in Provo on a Sunday. And you happen to be at the temple at 3-4 we might run into each other! Then after that we headed to dinner and then on to choir practice. The Sunday night devotional was next! Sister Mary Ellen Edmunds was the speaker she did a really awesome job! "When you do the best you can you will be blessed" and "Be of good cheer! It's a commandment not a suggestion" She was a really funny speaker and had a great talk! Then after that we went and watched the movie Legacy! It was really awesome!

Monday - Nothing really special! We just went to class and stuff like that! Then we have personal exercise so our p-day starts kinda early! It is really awesome! Here we are now!

That was my week! I miss and love you all! Tell me how things are going! I love getting emails and letters! It is a very awesome feeling!
Elder Brown & Elder Curt Done
MTC Roommates- Stoetzling, Brown, Rasmussen, Smith
E. Rasmussen is from Orem, lives only about 10 minutes away from MTC

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